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A blog about the pursuit of excellence, every single little step. Excellence is a reflection of persistent action, in my case, I propose that it takes daily practice. This blog is a demonstration of these principles.

321 Connect 2018

Donna Moon - Saturday, April 07, 2018



Update 4/14/2018

This is the finalized image:





In my world the numbers 321=the point of no return.  Initially it started out as a light-hearted accounting of fun time remaining in a meeting.  When my friends and I used to get together, we would set a timer/alarm for how much time we had to have fun together & then started working towards that end.  When the timer read 3:21, it meant that the time remaining was the same as the time spent, we would often ask ourselves if we were having enough fun yet, and continue in our activities.  When I wrote this bit of prose, in 2003, I was thinking about how at that time it seemed as though people were super wide asleep, and it seemed like they must either awaken or we all would be doomed long term. Today in 2018, I wonder if it isn't too late.  321 Connect, FIND THE OTHERS.


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