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Mantra - Practice Daily

A blog about the pursuit of excellence, every single little step. Excellence is a reflection of persistent action, in my case, I propose that it takes daily practice. This blog is a demonstration of these principles.


Donna Moon - Thursday, May 31, 2018

I went to the Scarlet Nights show at the McNichols Civic Center in Denver on May 24, 2018.  I knew about it because Android Jones, Alex & Allyson Grey, Amanda Sage, Randal Roberts & Morgan Mandala were going to be there along with the Desert Dwellers.  I was not familiar with the rest of the cast of characters scheduled to appear that night, but as always I was curious.  Random Rab, and Templo were amongst the musical talent, and Aloria Weaver along with David Heskin; live painters that I was not familiar with.  For me, Templo stole the show.  That is not to say that the rest of the musicians weren't absolutely incredible, they were!  His infectious beats have been swarming around my consciousness ever since the show.  


I was fortunate enough to have a front row seat for Amanda Sage's live painting and Aloria Weaver + David Heskin's live painting.  



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